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Limited Editionsdetail of [euchrid] Limited Edition print

signed print example[The images on this page provide detailed examples of a Limited Edition print. Click on an image to enlarge.]

Limited Edition prints are printed at 9600dpi, using Canon Lucia Pigment archival inks on Hahnemühle 290gsm Bamboo Paper, which is the most environmentally friendly archival quality paper I could find. The prints are mounted on Dark Black Peterboro Conservation Mountboard/Matboard, and hinge mounted using Japanese Mulberry Paper and Linen tape. All materials and techniques used conform to Conservation Standard and exceed the Fine Art Trade Guild's guidelines for Fine Art prints.detail of barcode example for [euchrid] Limited Edition prints

Each print is unique; it is printed with a unique code and barcode, and no two images are identical. The image is still the same as seen on this website, but is subtly manipulated by adding a random texture photo and using that to slightly displace the pixels in the image by a minute amount. This gives a similar effect to the tiny variations present in traditional printing methods, where there are small differences in saturation, colour bleeding, and so on. Due to the complex code involved, it is impossidetail of code from a [euchrid] Limited Editionble for two limited edition prints to be identical, although, from a distance, the differences will not be noticable.

The prints and mounts are inspected and checked before being signed, and all limited editions come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is printed to the same standard as the print itself. The certificate, which is also signed by me, includes the same unique code and barcode as the print, plus a QR matrix barcode, which can be read by some mobile phones.

example of [euchrid] Certificate of Authenticity for Limited Edition print

Finally, the print and certificate are packed in a Krystal Seal Art bag, which keeps it safe from finger marks and environmental conditions. The Krystal Seal bags are also of archival quality, so the print can safely be left in the sealed bag for years, and will not be damaged if stored correctly.

Limited Editions are in runs of 50 for the A2 size, and 100 for the A3 size. There are no Limited Editions in smaller sizes, and once the Limited Editions run out, they will not be available again. However, the A3 size will then become available as an Open Edition.


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