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General Information
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All print sizes include the mount; selecting A3 will provide an A4 sized print, mounted so that it will fit inside an A3 size frame.

The price of the prints includes postage and packing within the UK. For the rest of the world, the extra cost is added when you select your country from the list on the product page.

The inks used in both Limited Edition and Open Edition prints (Canon Lucia Pigment Inks) have a life expectancy of at least 100 years.

All prints contain the title and the date that the image was created. This ensures that even if the print is remounted at some stage, this information will still be accessible. Limited Editions also have a unique code and the edition number of the print included.


click here for in-depth information about the Limited Editions

click here for in-depth information about the Open Editions


PLEASE NOTE: many of my artworks and photos have very bright colours - these will not look the same as a print as they do on the screen. This is down to the limitations of printing; the only way to acheive exactly what is seen on the screen, colour-wise would be to use flourescent inks, which would be both impractical and extremely costly.

Monitors do not all show the same colour range and vary widely in their calibration. For this reason, there will always small differences between what is seen on the screen and what can be acheived even with the best printing.

However, all prints are checked by me personally, and are only sent out if they are what I intended to print and meet my exacting quality standards.


It is recommended that you keep your prints in an appropriate frame, with UV protective glass to ensure the maximum life and quality of your print.


Prices for art prints are slightly higher, reflecting the time spent creating the pieces, and the intense use of ink to produce the prints.

Polaroid prints are only available as Open Editions in A6 prints (mounted or unmounted) due to the restrictions of the polaroid size.


A selection of my Limited Edition prints are available to view and buy at the following wonderful galleries/outlets:

- more coming soon!



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