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Artist Statement:euchrid strip

I see art as a form of magic with which to expand consciousness and gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of any aspect of the world, and incorporate many dream-like or psychedelic techniques. I favour and enjoy extremes and contrasts, and like a pendulum, my work swings from one end of the emotional and spiritual spectrum to the other.

I like to find the connections between wildly contradicting subjects, and explore this in everything I do. I seek light in the darkness, darkness in the light - and so on, often finding one extreme reflecting the other.

I use technology as a tool to explore the possibilites of visual art, and strive to give experiences through my work that would not be possible in another medium.


Artist Statement - Further Information:

In my photography and photo art, I try to get beyond the images that are captured by the camera, and manipulate the photographs so that they more closely resemble the images, real and idealised, that are in my head. To achieve this, I am involved in every stage of the photograph: the capturing of a moment, the processing of the image, and the printing of the finished piece.

My photographs and photo art explore the connections between many disparate interests. I examine the metaphors and symbols hidden in the world around us, and strive to achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation of my photographic subjects through experimentation.

My work takes a holistic approach, seeing connections between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the inner and outer, and so on. This leads me to incorporate many of my passions into my photography, including: nature, technology, society, music, the golden ratio, humour, randomness, the subconscious, numerology, magic, astrology, astronomy, spirituality, codes, the unusual, the unsettling and the surreal. Most of my images have all of these elements present at once.

I very rarely use a tripod, and often take photos while walking - without breaking stride. I try to keep my work organic, natural and flowing, and my manipulations are an attempt to enhance these features rather than counteract them.

Using digital techniques, I achieve a variety of traditional photographic effects, most noticeable of which are multiple exposures, negative scratching, lo-fi, and colour processing. I occasionally incorporate digital versions of cross processing, infra red, bleach bypass, and cyanotypes, amongst others. I also emulate various types of film, including Daguerrotypes, Ilford, Kodachrome, Polaroid and Velvia.

When out taking photographs, I am often listening to music on an mp3 player. Sometimes I try to capture the accidental collaboration of music, place and camera, using the emotions of the music to affect the perspective from which the photograph is taken.

I have had no formal training, and everything I do - from photography to programming - is entirely self-taught.



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